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RMSI-JTAC SkyTram Guide

Jasper, AB
Full-time, Temporary
Position Overview 
The SkyTram Guide is a unique position, requiring an upbeat and animated individual who enjoys dealing with and speaking directly to small groups. They will be enhancing our guests’ experience with information about Jasper SkyTram and the town of Jasper, and provide local history, wildlife, and geologic information related to the area. SkyTram Operators must operate the tram and communicate efficiently with the entire lift operations department. 
This position provides the unique opportunity to rotate throughout the day between the Tram Car Operator, Ticket Checker and the General Duties/Guest Relations positions. 

This is a full-time role, 5/7 days a week. Shifts are arranged to meet core customer demand periods. 

Core Competencies 
Be comfortable consistently delivering a 10 to 15 minute presentation to small groups
Have a passion for working with and dealing with the public
Able to work outdoors in all weather conditions
Ability to work well as part of a team
Strong team member able to take direction
Motivated and observant; able to perceive needed tasks and complete them without direction
Self-aware; able to identify strengths and gaps in own abilities and training
Recreational mountain pursuits, such as rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking are considered assets.
Strong communication and public speaking skills/abilities
Possess the ability to make quick, well-informed decisions
Able to maintain a calm and friendly composure under periods of stress
Comfortable working at high elevations and altitudes
Good computer skills
Good organizational skills
Strong customer service skills
Ability to work well under pressure (busy times or when dealing with irate customers)
Previous lift operations and guide experience is an asset.
Job Duties/Responsibilities 

Tram Car Operator:
Operate the tram car as per Standard Operating Procedures
Deliver an informative speech/presentation during each tram flight
Learn about and interpret everything local including wildlife, fauna, geology and National Park history
Load and unload passengers onto/from the tram cars
Have a good working knowledge of passenger evacuation safety procedures
Conduct lift evacuations from tram car at heights of up to 60 meters
Other duties as assigned.
Ticket Checker:
Scan all tickets when passengers are entering the lobby/pre-boarding area
Greet and interact with guests prior to their tram ride
Keep daily flight logs
Monitor weather – lightning and winds
Ensure the proper timing of flight departures
Load and unload passengers onto/from the tram cars
Other duties as assigned.
General Duties/Guest Relations:
Load and unload passengers onto/from the tram cars
Keep the property clean and tidy, empty garbage cans and recycling bins
Snow removal or groundskeeping as required (seasonal)
Assist customers, direct people as required around the property
Answer customer questions
Deliver items around the property
Help Upper Station Shift Leader with afternoon crowd control
Cleaning duties as required
Respect and adhere to the company’s policies and procedures as set in the “Corporate Policies”, “Employee Handbook” and “Safety Operations Training Manuals”
Understand and adhere to Jasper SkyTram’s “Harassment Policy” and the company’s “Privacy Policy”
All Jasper SkyTram employees will conduct themselves in compliance with Alberta Occupational Health and Safety and WCB legislation as it relates to their job
Other duties as assigned.
All Jasper SkyTram employees must complete the required training, including accompanying training checklists, with the end goal of becoming familiar with operating systems and procedures
Your job is not limited to this list. This is an outline of what is expected of you. Please ask as many questions as needed to do your job well.

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