Employment Protection in Jasper

In Jasper National Park, as in other parts of Canada, employment protection is governed by various federal and provincial laws that are designed to ensure safe, fair, and equitable working conditions for all employees. Understanding these laws can help employees know their rights and ensure they are being treated fairly by their employers.

Employment protection for workers in Jasper National Park

Labor Standards

Canada’s labor laws cover minimum wage, overtime pay, holidays, and vacation pay. Alberta’s Employment Standards Code and Regulation, which applies to most workers in Jasper National Park, lays out the minimum standards employers must follow. This includes rules about rest periods, days of rest, and meal breaks.

Health and Safety

The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act sets out the duties of employers, supervisors, and workers to ensure their workplace is safe. It includes provisions for the right to refuse dangerous work, requirements for protective equipment, and the obligation to report workplace injuries. Employers are required to conduct regular safety training and assessments to prevent accidents and injuries.


The Alberta Human Rights Act protects employees from discrimination on grounds such as race, gender, age, religious belief, disability, and sexual orientation. This law ensures that all employees have equal opportunities in hiring, promotions, training, benefits, and conditions of employment.

Employment Insurance

Employees in Canada who are laid off or unable to work due to specific circumstances (such as illness, injury, or the need to care for a family member) may be eligible for Employment Insurance (EI). This program provides temporary financial assistance to help while the employee looks for new employment or upgrades their skills.

Workplace Harassment and Violence

Employers in Alberta are required to establish workplace policies to prevent and address harassment and violence. Employees have the right to a work environment free from physical violence and psychological harm, including bullying or sexual harassment.

Leave Entitlements

Under Alberta’s Employment Standards Code, employees are entitled to various types of leaves, such as maternity and parental leave, compassionate care leave, bereavement leave, and personal and family responsibility leave. These leaves can be taken without fear of losing employment.

Termination and Severance

Employment protection laws in Alberta also outline the rules for termination of employment. This includes the provision of notice or pay in lieu of notice, depending on the length of employment and the reasons for termination. Severance payments may also be required under certain conditions.

Workers’ Compensation

The Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta provides insurance and compensation to workers injured on the job. This system helps cover medical costs and lost income due to work-related injuries or diseases.

Where to Find Help

Employment Standards Contact Centre

For questions about Alberta’s employment standards. Alberta Human Rights Commission: For issues related to discrimination in the workplace.

Occupational Health and Safety Contact Centre

For concerns about workplace safety.

Employees in Jasper National Park should be aware of these protections and know how to access resources if they believe their rights are being violated. Awareness and understanding of these laws are crucial for both protecting oneself and ensuring a healthy, productive working environment.

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