Employment Options in Jasper National Park

If you're considering employment in Jasper National Park, there are a variety of options across different sectors that cater to the needs and operations of the park as well as to the tourists who visit each year.

Main employment opportunities available in Jasper National Park

Hospitality and Tourism

This includes jobs in hotels, inns, lodges, and campsites, as well as positions at restaurants, bars, and cafes. These establishments often need front desk staff, concierges, housekeepers, cooks, servers, and managers.

Outdoor Activities and Adventure Sports

With Jasper's reputation for outdoor sports, there are numerous positions for guides and instructors in activities such as hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and canoeing. Other roles include gear rental and sales positions for outdoor equipment shops.


Many shops cater to tourists, selling clothing, souvenirs, and outdoor gear. Employment in retail would involve sales, stock management, and customer service.

Park Administration and Maintenance

Parks Canada hires for a variety of roles that ensure the park operates smoothly and sustainably. These include maintenance workers, park rangers, and various administrative roles.

Conservation and Wildlife Management

These roles focus on preserving the natural environment of Jasper National Park. Jobs might include working in wildlife management, forest conservation, environmental science, and related research positions.

Cultural and Historical Interpretation

Educators and interpreters work in the park to educate visitors about its natural history, wildlife, and the cultural significance of the area to indigenous peoples and Canadian heritage.

Transport and Logistics

Jobs include driving buses and shuttles that transport tourists throughout the park, as well as roles in logistics planning and vehicle maintenance.

Health and Safety

Positions might include emergency response teams, search and rescue operations, and medical staff at local clinics.

Seasonal Work

Many jobs in Jasper National Park are seasonal, peaking in the summer and winter months. Seasonal work offers opportunities in all the above areas but requires workers who can adapt to a transient job market.

Artists and Photographers

While not direct employment with the park, artists and photographers often find Jasper National Park an ideal place to create and sell their work, either independently or in collaboration with local galleries and tourist outlets. For those interested in pursuing employment in Jasper National Park, it’s beneficial to check the Parks Canada website for government-related positions. Additionally, many private businesses advertise on their own websites, local job boards, and through social media channels. Networking with local businesses and attending job fairs in the area can also provide valuable leads and connections.

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