Marmot Rental & Repair Shop Assistant Supervisor


Jasper, AB
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Reports To: Rental & Repair Supervisor and Director of Skiing

Position Overview:
The Rental & Repair Assistant Supervisor assists with the supervision of the Rental & Repair Department, as well as the Marmot Basin Town Store. They are responsible for helping to overseeing the rentals team and the town store guest service agents and coordinators and reporting any problems to the Rental & Repair Supervisor and the Director of Skiing. They are to step in whenever the Rentals & Repairs Supervisor is off and must be able to assist with delivering correct rental equipment, repairing customer and staff skis/snowboards in the repair shop, overseeing the sales desks for all transactions, and assisting the town store and snow school desk when needed.
This is a full-time, seasonal role from October to May 5/7 days a week with the possibility of more, depending on staffing.
Alberta Employment Standards regarding probationary periods apply.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:
Assists with the organization of staff such as:
Schedule breaks for the Rental Shop, Town Store staff while considering the needs of the Snow School Desk and Central Reservations staff.
Respond and/or solve to staff problems and schedule issues.
Supervises and helps with the training of new staff.
Provide informal feedback and coaching to staff on an ongoing basis.
Enforce company policies, procedures, and standards.
Delegate work tasks to staff.
Assist the Rental Repair Supervisor with the monitoring the mental and physical well-being of rental attendants, repair technicians, sales associates, and town store guest services agents.
Assist with the Completion payroll for Rental Shop and Town Store staff.
Assist with the monitoring of staff performance and performance reviews.
Supervise and assist Rental Sales Associates:
Handle cash, credit, and debit transactions using RTP.
Correctly complete a cash deposit at the end of the day.
Sell window tickets, Marmot Basin Escape Cards, and apply discounts where required at the Rental Shop Location.
Register Marmot Basin Escape Cards purchased from other business and properly bill the appropriate business.
Review and validate all Rental Department Sales Associates cash-outs and identify and communicate necessary corrections.
Ensure that all emails and phone calls are being responded to.
Print out daily rental reservation reports, organize the set-up of each reservation, and process reservation payments.
Help guests rent a locker and problem-solve quickly when the machine needs repair work.
Monitor the completion of daily and weekly checklists regarding rental tasks, maintenance of equipment, and proper sanitization of the rental floor.
Understand the RTP system and solve problems as they arise.
Navigate Inntopia to process online sales, make corrections when necessary.
Supervise and assist with the Marmot Basin Town Store:
Organize the stock of retail items, MEC’s, Sunshine Super Cards, cleaning products, and general stationary.
Assist with booking lessons for Snow School, provide general information to customers, and prepare the proper equipment that they require for their lesson.
Receive guest complaints and solve problems.
Develop relationships with third-party companies and be able to create bookings on their behalf.
File completed forms in appropriate binders, organizers, etc.
Complete shifts in the Town Store when required.
Supervise and assist the Rental Attendants:
Deliver and set-up rental equipment (skis/snowboards/boots/helmets) safely based on characteristics of the guest.
Properly fit boots, helmets, and ski poles for a wide array of individuals that may require specific fits to be comfortable.
Deliver and set-up high performance rental equipment potentially involving the calibration of skis, individual fits for snowboards bindings, and using product knowledge to provide customers with the best fit of gear.
Ensure the returning process of rental equipment is done properly, broken gear is noted, charging customer damage fees, or for overdue rentals Restocking gear racks in an organized manner.
Ensure Rental reservations and group/school bookings are set-up for the following day.
Assist in the repair shop when understaffed and have the knowledge and skills to complete most services offered within the tech shop such as:
Take repair bookings by properly putting them into an Excel Spreadsheet and communicating with the Tech Shop staff.
Hand waxing/edging and machine waxing/edging skis and snowboards.
Fixing snowboard and ski bindings.
Making quick solutions to customer’s equipment so they can enjoy the mountain.
Visually check the standard rental fleet for damaged skis and/or snowboards and complete repairs when needed.
Assist in the calibration of fleet skis according to the standards set out by ski companies.
Ensure all health and safety protocol is followed and maintained by sanitizing and disinfecting all high touch areas via a cleaning checklist and ensure that PPE is maintained and worn when necessary.
Be knowledgeable about the hill and where places are located.
Respond to any minor emergencies.
Respect and adhere to the company’s policies and procedures as set in the “Corporate Policies”, “Employee Handbook”, and “Safety Operations Training Manuals”.
Relatable post-secondary education related to tourism, guest services, etc is an asset.
Previous supervisory experience is an asset.
Previous guest services experience.
Previous cash handling, debit and credit transaction, and payment experience.
Strong conflict resolution skills.
Business/Finance experience is an asset.
Rental Shop, Repair Shop experience is an asset.
Ski and/or Snowboard teaching experience/qualifications is an asset.
Data management software experience.
Experience in a related industry preferred.
Excellent organizational and cleanliness skills.
Ability to work well under pressure during busy periods.
Core Competencies:
Ability to remain calm and poised in urgent situations.
Leadership skills.
Excellent communication and inter-personal skills.
Analytical and quick-problem solving skills.
Strong computer skills (Word, Excel, RTP, etc).
Correct money-handling skills.
Professional attitude with excellent customer service skills: experience dealing with on-hill patrons.
Strong team member able to take direction.
Willingness to learn from mistakes and take constructive criticism from supervisors.
Motivated and observant; able to perceive needed tasks and complete them without direction.
Self-aware; able to identify strengths and gaps in own abilities and training.
Able to use taught skills and previous experience to problem solve.
Interest in recreational mountain pursuits such as: hiking, skiing/snowboarding, are considered assets.
Knowledge of the National Parks system and Jasper itself is considered an asset.
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