Becker's Chalets Laundry Attendant

Becker's Chalets
Jasper, AB
$16.50–$18.50 an hour - Seasonal, Full-time, Fixed term contract
Becker's Chalets
Jasper, AB
$16.50–$18.50 an hour
Job details

$16.50–$18.50 an hour
Job type
Fixed term contract
Shift and schedule
Weekends as needed
Every Weekend
Day shift
Monday to Friday
Jasper, AB

Company events
Discounted or free food
On-site parking
Store discount
Wellness program
Contract Dates: Start April 10th, 2024 and finish October 27th, 2024 approximately
Located in Jasper National Park - Jasper, Alberta

About us:

Becker’s Chalets is a family oriented seasonal resort, just 5km south of the hustle and bustle of the Jasper town site. Located along the Athabasca River, with mountainous views and lots of green space – it is a very quiet and relaxing location for both guests and employees alike. As a team, we all work together to ensure that our guests have a very clean, comfortable, and memorable stay. We have been recognized with numerous Employers of Choice awards and housekeeping awards and have achieved our level 3 in the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association’s Health and Safety Program.

Job Description:
At the beginning of your employment, we will have a warm and welcoming orientation – going over many aspects of your job, living accommodations, wildlife, and health and safety among a variety of other things! Our goal is to ensure that all team members of Becker’s Chalets have a wonderful and memorable experience!

Throughout your workday, the laundry department as, a team, will be responsible for completing the following (but not limited to) tasks, as directed during training:
· Possibly disinfecting and/or stripping (linen, amenities, fireplace ashes, etc.) chalets upon guest checkout
· Sorting linen appropriately to be laundered; sheets, towels, etc.
· Loading washing machines (according to our load volumes) and setting the appropriate formulas/wash cycles/programs, specific to the load/linen at hand.
· Transfer cleaned linen from the washer to the dryers (according to our load volumes) and setting the appropriate drying formula/program (temp/time) to achieve the best quality in the quickest manner.
· Ensuring that no machine stays empty when linen could be transferred. This requires you to quickly and efficiently transfer dirty linen to the washing machine as soon as the previous load is finished, or transferring clean linen from the washer to the dryer as soon as the washer finishes its cycle; this is to ensure that the smooth and efficient flow of linen is constantly maintained and that the linen does not get backed up.
· Properly and effectively spray the correct stain removal treatment, based on the type of stain present, on all stained linen as per your initial training, which includes a time frame to do such a task (ex. Near the end of the day). This includes the proper handling and storing of such chemicals.
· Assisting with restocking the housekeeping shelves as supplies becomes depleted (ex. Toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towel, etc.)
· Ensuring the laundry room area remains clean and organized at all times. This includes the end of day full clean and disinfection (ex. Cleaning lint traps/floors/ tables/etc.). This includes the ability to take the initiative and do what needs to be done in the laundry department, as there is always lots to do.
· Ensure inventory levels are maintained or replenished for all washers, spot treatment, and drying chemicals and/or products.
· Ensure the housekeepers always have an abundance of linen available to them when they need it, including rags.
· Fold all types of linen quickly and efficiently, as per your training. This includes having a good attention to detail, as you will be looking for stains/hairs/rips or tear/etc. to ensure our linen quality standards are met.
· Sorting and storing all folded linen in a neat and organized manner, as per your training. This includes ensuring that the restaurant linen is folded in a timely manner (straight from a warm dryer), to ensure they have a pressed look (no wrinkles).
· Assist the housekeeping department for any task requested, to help fill in any necessary gaps present.



No experience required but it is an asset
Physical stamina and mobility including the ability to reach, kneel and bend
Ability to lift (up to 50 lbs), push and pull required items (example wet linen)
A Drivers licence is required in order to drive our golf carts

Achievement-motivated to meet and surpass realistic goals
Ability to work in a fast paced environment independently or in a team
Must be able to work well under pressure and during stressful situations
Excellent time management skills required
Must be pleasant, friendly and able to address problems or special requests
Ability to take the initiative and do what needs to be done
Strong communication skills
Great team spirit
Good attention to detail
The ability to multi-task
Integrity and honesty
Adaptable, reliable and punctual
Working Conditions:

On-site training provided
Staff uniform provided
Working teams of 2 or 3 employees
Paid 30-minute lunch
Up to 8 hours per day, 6 days per week (depending on occupancy levels)
Supportive team environment
What we offer:

· Shared staff accommodations
· Very competitive wages
· Free uniform
· Contract end bonus, based on performance
· Training is provided
· Staff discounts (rooms, restaurant & gift shop)
· Free White Water Rafting
· Monthly staff BBQ's
· Recognition for great work
· Aquatic & Fitness center corporate rates
· Staff bicycles, basketball hoop and other sports equipment availability
· Free WIFI – intermittently
· Staff Health and Wellness program
· Team building activities
· Lasting friendships and memories to cherish

Job Types: Full-time, Fixed term contract, Seasonal
Contract length: 6.5 months

Salary: $16.50-$18.50 per hour

Expected hours: 35 – 44 per week


Company events
Discounted or free food
On-site parking
Store discount
Wellness program
Flexible Language Requirement:

French not required

Day shift
Every Weekend
Monday to Friday
Supplemental pay types:

Bonus pay
Overtime pay
Application question(s):

To qualify, you must: be a Canadian citizen; have a valid PR card; or hold a valid Canadian work visa
Work Location: In person

Expected start date: 2024-04-10

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