Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge Jasper Evening Bartender

Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge
Jasper, AB
$15 an hour - Full-time
Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge
Jasper, AB
$15 an hour
Job details

$15 an hour
Job type
Shift and schedule
Evening shift
Jasper, AB
We are a seasonal property with positions starting May 9, 2024 until October 2024.

For our international applicants, please note we do not have any LMIA spots available at this time.

As a Bartender at Kitchen@Sunwapta you're key to making our guests feel welcome and ensuring they have a great time. Your skills in crafting drinks, friendly service, and working well with the team are vital to the success of our bar.

Key Responsibilities:

Set up the bar area with clean glassware, utensils, and necessary ingredients before service.
Greet guests, provide menus, and take and prepare drink orders with precision.
Collaborate with the food runner and cashier for efficient order coordination.Maintain cleanliness and organization at the bar, including regular cleaning of glassware and surfaces.
Monitor and restock inventory to ensure a well-stocked and efficient bar service.
Provide excellent customer service by addressing customer inquiries and concerns.
Work collaboratively with other staff members to maintain a positive and cohesive team environment.


Proven experience as a bartender, with knowledge of mixology and drink preparation.
Strong communication and customer service skills.
Ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
Attention to detail and cleanliness in bar operations.
Knowledge of cash handling and POS systems.
Team player with a positive and friendly demeanor.

Adaptability Note: Sometimes, our Food Runner/Server, Bartender, and Cashier switch roles to keep things flexible and work together smoothly.


Wage: $15/hour plus tips.
Staff accommodation is available for employees over the age of 18 at $4.41 per day.
Bonus: If contract is completed your rent will be returned.
Referral Bonus: $500 if both yours and your referrals contract are completed.

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