Jasper Skytram Guide Shift Leader

 Jasper SkyTram
Jasper, AB
From $20 an hour - Full-time
Jasper, AB
From $20 an hour
Job details

From $20 an hour
Job type
Shift and schedule
Afternoon shift
Morning shift
Evening shift
Day shift
Jasper, AB
Reports to: Maintenance & Operations Manager / Lift Operations Supervisor


If you are passionate about the outdoors and embrace the idea of living and playing in the mountains while working on a mountain with a team of like-minded individuals, Jasper SkyTram is the place for you!

Jasper SkyTram is considered a “must do” for people of all ages and abilities while visiting Jasper National Park in the summer season. We strive to create a compelling experience for our guests, but it is equally important to us to foster an environment of growth, opportunity, and memories for the people that work with us. We have the privilege of employing people from all around the world to experience and share one of the most beautiful places on the planet in a family-fun and adventurous way.

Position Overview

Lift Operations Shift Leaders oversee the day-to-day operations related to the lift itself including guest relations and SkyTram Guide duties. They ensure daily compliance with operating schedules, safety procedures and protocols, ticket control, staff deportment and log keeping. They monitor staff performance, open and close the property for daily operations with or in the place of the Tram Operations Supervisor, and maintain effective communication with all departments and managers. This position will benefit from an upbeat and animated individual who enjoys dealing with and speaking directly to customers as well as supervising a small team. Wage starts at $20.00/hr.

What does a day in the life of a Lift Operations Shift Leader look like?

The SkyTram hours of operation vary during the time of the season. For the shoulder seasons (Spring and Fall) there is just one shift during the day. During the Summer months, there are 2 shifts (morning and afternoon/evening). Morning shifts start as early as 7:30 AM and afternoon shifts around 2/3:00 PM. A complimentary staff shuttle is available to transport everyone between the mountain and staff accommodation located in the Jasper townsite. You will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the public in order to gather updates, relay them to the Lift Operations team and designate positions to start safety checks on the lift and complete opening duties. During the peak season (July, August), it’s not uncommon for guests to be on site and waiting for the tram to open so it’s important to work through the opening checks as efficiently as possible.

You need to ensure that all checks and test flights are completed and that the Upper Station Shift Leader and any other staff are sent up to the upper station before the first public. The Lower Station Shift Leader will run the lift operations at the bottom of the lift and the Upper Station Shift Leader will supervise the lift operations at the top.

Both Lower and Upper Station Shift Leaders work with the entire team to ensure that a safe and efficient flight schedule is maintained while greeting and guiding guests on the mountain. They will assist the Ticket Checkers with scanning tickets and loading/unloading tram cars every 9 minutes and work directly with the Guest Services team to allocate guests on specific flights. Shift Leaders will at times need to address guest concerns and trouble shoot when daily operations are off schedule (eg, inclement weather, high winds, missing guests). Shift Leaders play a key role in providing a positive experience for both guests and staff alike through consistent communication and working closely with other departments.

Both Lower and Upper Station Shift Leaders act as main points of contacts while working closely with other department supervisors and managers assisting with building operations such as monitoring water levels, cleanliness around property as well as our being initial First Aid responders.

The Shift Leader position is an exciting opportunity for those individuals who enjoy leading and supporting a small team in a high energy, professional, yet fun-loving environment.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

Provide daily leadership to Lift Operations staff
Complete Jasper SkyTram required training, including accompanying training checklists, with the end goal of becoming familiar with operating systems and procedures
Assist with training of Lift Operations personnel
Setup and maintain a clean, safe and professional looking facility for guests with the help of the Lift Operations staff
Ensure a smooth and efficient operation with the Lift Operations staff
Responsible for supervising procedures related to lift operations as per CSA Z98 code
Assist with operating SkyTram, scanning tickets, general duties, and guest relations as needed
Open and close the property for daily operations
Maintain effective communication with all departments and managers
Assist with organizing general public, media and tour company clientele
Maintain daily operating logs, safety logs and routine cleaning checklists
Assist the maintenance department in routine maintenance procedures
Respond to First Aid incidents
Always represent Jasper SkyTram in a professional manner
Be the Staff transportation driver as needed
Ensure all cleaning/sanitizing duties are carried out with the help of the Lift Operations personnel
Ensure all Jasper SkyTram employees conduct themselves in compliance with Alberta Occupational Health and Safety and WCB legislation as it relates to their job
Other duties as assigned.

Proven leadership / supervisory skills
Good computer skills
Good organizational skills
Strong customer service skills
Ability to work well under pressure (busy times or when dealing with irate customers)
Previous lift operations and guide experience is an asset
Possesses a valid driver’s license.
French as a second language is considered an asset
First Aid certification is an asset
Core Competencies

Professional deportment with excellent customer service skills: experience dealing with all on-hill patrons
Cheerful, outgoing personality; demonstrated temperament and disposition for highly stressful situations
Self-motivated and able to work unsupervised; able to motivate others
Knowledge of Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors Standards Regulation (CSA Z98 code)
Strong aptitude for working in a team orientated environment
First Aid certified
Excellent public speaking skills
Willing and able to work outdoors in all weather conditions
Ability to maintain a calm and friendly composure under periods of stress
Ability to make quick, well-informed decisions
Physically fit, able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds
Mechanical aptitude – ability to comprehend operating functions of a reversible aerial tramway
Strong team member able to take direction
Motivated and observant; able to perceive needed tasks and complete them without direction
Self-aware; able to identify strengths and gaps in own abilities and training
Recreational mountain pursuits, such as rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking are considered assets.
All Jasper SkyTram employees must complete the required training, including accompanying training checklists, with the end goal of becoming familiar with operating systems and procedures.
All Jasper SkyTram employees will conduct themselves in compliance with Alberta Occupational Health and Safety and WCB legislation as it relates to their job.
Respect and adhere to the company’s policies and procedures as set in the “Corporate Policies”, “Employee Handbook” and “Lift Operations Training Manuals”
Understand and adhere to Jasper SkyTram’s “Harassment Policy” and the company’s “Privacy Policy”.
Other duties as assigned.

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